Oceans Day Nursery has signed up to a fantastic system called Nurserycam.

This parental Webcam gives parents the opportunities to ‘drop in’ via the internet at any time. It helps to reassure parents by letting them see for themselves how happy their child is at day nursery.

We have information packs for you to download and learn more;


Oceans Day Nursery is monitored by CCTV both indoors and outdoors. We operate a fob security system on the internal door, to ensure that only parents and carers issued with these can gain entry.

We also have parental webcam, which give parents and carers the chance to observe their child whilst they are at play; it also enables parents and carers to join in with their child’s day visually whilst physically not being there.

The webcam system is highly secure and protected and is only accessible by parents who have set up accounts with individual and personal password and codes, these accounts then have to be verified by us here at Oceans Day Nursery. The system will be explained and presented to parents and/or carers in detail during visits to the nursery.

Any visitors or outside contractors etc. will have their identity checked and will have to sign in & out, they will also be monitored via our CCTV and camera system.

If other people are collecting other than primary parents and carers, then these must be named on the child’s registration form and given unique passwords, without this information no one will be able to collect or take a child.